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Dr. Howard A. Patten PhD - black and white photo


I have been a private tutor for many years, successfully using a combined approach of tutoring, mentoring and coaching to give my students all the tools they need for success.  Prior to this I worked in the university sector as a lecturer and Residence Manager.  My students are from a range of age groups and nationalities.

I noticed over time that what students valued most about me was not  just the end result - often an A* grade in their studies, or a place at their chosen university - but my positive coaching style, which increased their confidence in their studies, wellbeing, and life in general. Many of my students have continued with me on a coaching and mentoring basis outside their studies for this very reason.

I decided to expand the coaching side of my business in 2020 and hence HAP Coaching began! 

I draw on my natural positive coaching style, as well as principles of NLP, CBT and other coaching methods in order to instill confidence, personal growth, and success. 


I have lived in the UK and in the Middle East for many years, and I've worked with clients from many countries and cultures. This has given me a great deal of understanding and empathy, no matter your culture or background. I'm a great listener, but I'll also challenge where appropriate and hold to account where that's important. 


I am fluent in English and Hebrew, with a working knowledge of several other languages. 

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