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Coaching will be personalized to you. I will usually recommend starting with a brief, no-obligation introductory chat so we can get to know each other and I can start to understand more about your goals.  From there you can choose hourly sessions, or a personalized package to suit you.  Meetings will be over video or phone; your choice.


Stand-Alone Sessions

Session Price £100

Coaching will be focused on clarifying your goals and building your confidence to achieve them.  

We'll meet over online video or phone, and I'll provide notes to follow up from our session.

Includes free introductory meet


Block Sessions to Achieve a Goal

We'll have sessions over an agreed period. You will set your goals, and we'll focus on progressing towards them, by building confidence, and facilitating  accountability, week, by week.

Package pricing will be discussed.

As part of the package I'll provide:

Free introductory meet

Personalized goal planning

Session notes

Help and Q&A between sessions

Further reading and resources


Coaching & CV Support

If you're a graduate (or soon to be), thinking about your next steps, I will work with you to help define your path.  I'll help you align who you are and what you want to do, so you can achieve fulfilment and success.  I'll help you work on your personal confidence, and provide practical help where needed on applications and your CV.

Package pricing will be discussed.

For a one off fee, I can help you refine CVs, applications and cover letters. I have a partnership with a senior HR professional and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, who can give advice and tips on your CV.

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