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I got to know Howard in 2015 during my bachelor study in London. I must admit that I was in a tough cultural transition during the time I started having sessions with him. Yet, he had such a  gentle and respectful attitude, which helped me to build a long-term, trustworthy tutoring relationship with him. He’s well-rounded, very open-minded, warm-hearted and well-established, and he has a unique, sharp intelligence. His gentle attitude makes him easy to not only communicate with, but to learn from and master skills in a short period of time. I trusted him when I was in the US, Saudi and Germany and the outcomes were impressive; starting from me trusting myself- gaining wider and more educated perspectives, to me getting accepted to one of the world's most prestigious schools of hospitality. He’s a genuine tutor and life coach. This is because he has proven himself in reality and he is simply a very educated human. I would recommend getting in touch with him because he gets the right vibes for anyone seeking to succeed and walk in life.



Howard originally started as a tutor but this organically grew into a more holistic relationship where he would help me whether it be through counselling or just giving me the confidence for when I thought I was not capable of overcoming an issue or getting on with my university degree, or even a light hearted conversation. He helped me persevere when I thought I was going to give up and always gave me perspective. He still regularly checks up on me with text and phone calls and the humour is obviously a big plus


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